Before the pandemic, we were a very busy successful driving school and were recruiting and training new instructors. Demand for driving lessons since the pandemic has increased considerably and given the current huge backlog, more driving instructors are needed. It’s now over a year since most restrictions were lifted but there are still unprecedented numbers waiting for lessons and tests.

People had to rely on public transport during the pandemic, this often didn’t meet their needs, was expensive and not convenient so more people than ever are now looking to take driving lessons.  Learners are still struggling to find driving lessons and there is a long wait for driving tests.

The population figures have increased with a spike in births in 2003-8 which means that driving lessons are more in demand than ever. It is estimated that 794,383 people will turn 17 in 2024!

Will there be a shortage of driving instructors?

Based on the figures from the DVSA and recent research it is clear why getting lessons and booking a driving test will be difficult for some time to come and we really need to encourage more people to consider pursuing a career as a driving instructor as an option.

Is driving instructor training for me?

If you are considering a career change now is a good time to become a driving instructor as the industry needs you more than ever. The demand is there and will be for some time. If you enjoy working with people, and would like a career that fits around your commitments and one that is very rewarding this could be the option for you.

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