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Will you have enough work once qualified?

Before you start your driving instructor training, it is vital that you check out your chosen training provider, to see what the prospects of work are in your area. 

Even the national driving schools such as Red and the AA have very limited presence in our local area with just a few tuition vehicles between them.

Why do we have the edge?

* We operate a pre-payment scheme for Customer Convenience

* We prove our reputation with Local Test passes on our website

* We prove our reputation with Customer Reviews on our website.

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So what’s it really like working as a driving instructor and would the lifestyle be suited to your needs?

I think the best way to answer that question is to let driving instructors give their own account as to why they chose to take this career path, describe how they find the lifestyle and flexibility of being their own boss and the positives and negatives that go with it.

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